I have been so lucky to be able to make special rings for some great people who love design and beautiful materials, here are a few of the brides I have worked with to create their perfect ring. If you would like a special piece made just for you, please get in touch x



Hollie had found a beautiful emerald and diamond ring in an antique shop that had a Belle Epoque style that she loved and so this became the inspiration for the new engagement ring.

We set an antique old cut diamond in the centre and surrounded it with the two rows of undulating brilliant cut diamonds in platinum. The curved band is made from yellow gold to add warmth and soften the design.

Hollie & Hardeep had two absolutely stunning wedding ceremonies (traditional English & traditional Sikh) in Old Ibiza Town & I love how the design of the ring fits perfectly with both cultures. Have a peek at the gorgeous photos taken by Caitlin & Jones here



Amie knew that she wanted a hex style ring and loved the antique style of a halo surround. She chose a stunning 1.00 ct old cut diamond that had the perfect proportions to sit in a hexagonal frame.

The ‘floating’ pave surround slopes away from the centre stone to show its brilliance and create the most sparkle and the platinum setting sits on top of a yellow gold band to allow the wedding band to sit perfectly underneath.

Amie & Nick’s beautiful and intimate Tuscan ceremony was just gorgeous, the stunning dress was designed by Amie herself as she is the founder & creator of Fleetwood of London and so everything was bound to be pretty amazing. Swoon over more of the wedding and Amie’s bridal creations here.

Wedding photos by Lelia Scarfiotti.



Lexxi had fallen for the pear shaped diamond and we decided to hunt for an old cut which are just so beautiful and really unique. The shape and quality of old cut pears vary massively and after an intense search we finally found the most gorgeous one set in an 1915 solitaire ring. I removed the stone and had the edges cut and re-polished as they were very fragile after 100 years if wear and could chip easily.

The old stone was then claw set in a sloping diamond pave halo of platinum on top of a rose gold band to create a modern vintage ring.

Lexxi & Ben had a beautifully English wedding, I’ve been in complete awe of Lexxi’s auburn flowing tresses and bohemian style and she completely nailed it on the day. See more of the day here by their wedding photographer Jonny MP



Inspired by Victorian ‘Target’ halo rings, Mondana wanted a classic antique style with a modern finish.

We selected a lovely old cut centre stone and surrounded it with a ‘floating’ halo of white diamonds in platinum. The band was made from rose gold and sits under the setting so that the fine diamond eternity wedding band sits right next to it.

Mondana & Simon married in Hackney with the reception party at the much sought after MC Motors.