Hand engraving for your lp jewellery

Personalising means more than just a name or initial, it is a way of expressing your style and creating a special piece of jewellery that is unique to you. All my work is hand engraved by specialist craft people here in the U.K using traditional hand tools and techniques, the beauty and standard of which cannot be matched by machine. As all work is hand done, we have the flexibility to work to your style.

Below shows the alphabets of my favourite styles for engraving as well as the standard National Association of Engravers example for different layouts & more possibilities. If you would like a piece of my jewellery with your own custom engraving, simply contact me to chat about ideas, I can then provide a quote for you x


Fern Font

A swirly alphabet like the opening of a fern leaf in spring, beautiful as a single initial as well as a full name.


Script Font

A very traditional Edwardian script font with classic italic swirls. Perfect for initials and full names.


Times Roman

If you don’t do swirls, Times is another classic and timeless style.


Gothic Font

I love this one, it’s decorative but really simple. The upper case is really full on, but the lower case is just right.



The monogram can be done with lots of different fonts, but this one interlocks the letters so well, some just don’t go together but I’ve always found this one to be perfect.